What is the Difference between a 32-Bit and 64-Bit Operating System

Operating system is a set of programs integrated to provide people with many new and different features. It acts as an interface between the users and the computer hardware.

There are basically two types of Operating Systems:

      32 bit Operating System       64 bit Operating System

These two Operating Systems mainly differ on the basis of their speed and usability. The 32 bit Operating System provides the users with more services and therefore the operations, the activities and the programs are carried out on larger speeds as compared to that of 64 bit operating system. While in terms of capacity, the 64 bit Operating System is providing the users with a larger storage range (maximum of 16.3 TB of RAM) as compared to 32 bit Operating Systems which are providing only maximum of 4 GB RAM which is the major difference in the usability of both the operating systems.

These two are differentiated by the hardware the user is having on his or her machine i.e. in 32 bit Operating System, there is no need of any wide main bus to carry 32 bits at a time but in case of 64 bit Operating System, it is must to have a wider bus to carry 64 bits.

The software companies also develops software according to the Operating System, which means they are developing the software in accordance with either 32 bit Operating System or ^4 bit Operating System.

A normal user does not consider the facts as for him or her 64 bit Operating system is more beneficial and will remain beneficial as 64 bit Operating System can be used with 32 bit Operating System and software’s. 64 bit Operating System is faster and performs more upgraded processes and also have more number of transistors which provides it with an edge over 32 bit Operating Systems.

A 64 bit Operating System is the latest one and most of the companies are bi-default providing the systems with 64 bit processor fitted in them. One thing the user needs to keep in mind while using 64 bit Operating System is that he or she should also be running 64 bit programs and have a 64 bit processor.

32 bit Operating Systems are also referred as x86 and 64 bit Operating Systems are referred as x64. The installed RAM on any system can be known by right clicking the “My Computer” and choosing Properties which displays the configuration of the system below.