What Is the Difference Between a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi

A bath tub is a tub which is made with the intention of clutching water for a person to indulge himself for the purpose of bathing. This tradition of taking bath in a bath tub goes back to the ancient age where the Romans used to take bath in these tubs. Lately there are different types of bath tubs; one variant among them is a Jacuzzi.

Hot tub is a pool of hot water, where one can relax and enjoy bathing. Jacuzzi is a name of a brand which manufactures bath tubs that can generate whirlpool effect in the tub. Jacuzzi involves spraying of water in the tub to create a continuous movement of water in the tub. This article would be discussing the various differences between the hot tub and Jacuzzi.

  • Hot tubs are tubs with hot water. This water does not have an artificial movement, and hot tubs are just intended to relax in the hot water. Jacuzzi is again like a bath tub with sprayers shooting water from various sides of the tub. The work of these sprayers is to create a continuous motion in water. The motion of the water helps in relaxation and also helps in curing a few medical problems.
  • There is normally a particular design followed in designing hot tubs. This involves limited outlets and inlets. Whereas Jacuzzi bath tubs make use of many inlets to spray water and to create the whirl pool effect in the tub. Jacuzzi’s are custom made too and are available in various designs and sizes. Jacuzzi bath tub involve multiple inlets and outlets.
  • Hot tub is very relaxing but is not so used for medical purposes. Jacuzzi bath tubs not only provide relaxation but also have its medical advantages. The spraying of water in a particular angle acts as Acupressure to provide physical and mental relaxation. For people suffering with Arthritis, both the hot tub and Jacuzzi can give a good relaxation. In comparison, Jacuzzi offer better relaxation for the arthritis problem over hot tub due to the whirlpool movement of water. Hence Jacuzzi’s are also commonly used in spa and other medical centres too.

These are a few differences between the hot tub and a Jacuzzi. In conclusion, it is very beneficial to bring home a hot tub or a Jacuzzi. It helps in the physical rejuvenation of the body. So, get ready to rejuvenate you with a great spa at home.