What is the Difference Between a Hotel and a Motel

Hotel and motel both are designed for the travelers and these days it is used for organizing business meetings and functions. The basic difference between the two is that hotels are more costly than motels. The hotels are made for the luxury accommodations whereas motel can be affordable by all the strata of the society.

If we compare the rooms of hotels and motels then hotels have typically larger room than motels.  Moreover, hotels are structured with larger buildings that are combined with suites and villas, to give you end-to-end facilities.  While the motels are small building with few rooms and it is not multi-storey in nature. Therefore, hotels are made for the richer and aristocratic class whereas anybody can afford motel.  To add, you can find a motel anywhere and everywhere but hotels can be found only in big cities. In hotels, you would find long porch, riding elevators; and costly artifice but in the motels may be you would not very expensive and costlier products.

If one tries for hotel in any city, then you would get rather disappointed.  Hotels are generally constructed in the tourist driven cities, financial districts and other commercial areas.  However, if you are checking out for a motel it is available in all areas including minor cities and suburban and rural areas.

Hotels are facilitated with various amenities and services for customers.  For instance, you would find pools, gyms, business centers and other lavish assets.  Here in your holidays you can just relax without taking care about the money.  The luxurious hotels also provide suites and villas and furthermore they avail the services like providing butlers and other commodities to make you feel at ease.  Whereas, motels are basically cost-effective accommodation where you would only limited amenities. Nevertheless, this does not mean those motels are not accommodative.  You can find a very good motel at a very lower price if you check out the ratings of.  They give several amenities to the tourist.  If you become a little negligible then instead of paying a very good amount you would not get a very luxurious comfort.  The facilities by which the hotel and motel are rated is those of customer services, accommodations, cleanliness, and many more. Therefore, before you plan to book any room in a hotel or motel, the first thing is to check the number of stars.

The motels are basically one, two or three stars hotels.  These are perfect for the persons who just want to relax in the middle of the journey.  The motel does not provide very high-end services but you would get very budget-friendly accommodations that would at least help you take some rest during the trip.  The services that one star motel generally provide is free parking, meals and other necessities.  Whereas, motels rated as two, stars and three stars can serve with value services. Hotels are mostly rated as five stars and seven stars.