What is the Difference Between a Sauna and a Steam Room

Sauna and Steam room

“Every day brings a choice-to practice stress or to practice peace”. How delightful it could be that every stressful day comes to an end with a good relaxation both mentally and physically. Nothing better than a hot steam bath could give that to you. This is how came into help Saunas and steam rooms. Basically both are hot baths offering wide range of therapeutic benefits both externally and internally as well. But there are times where both these terms are getting confused about and been used interchangeably.

Sauna Vs Steam room

  Sauna and steam room both gives hot bath using the heat therapeutically and offers benefits like improving the blood circulation, soothing the muscle tension, cleaning as wells as rejuvenating the sking,helps in relaxation and also enhancing the process of detoxification. Now how are they different with both offering similar benefits? Here is a comparison between the two which could help one in choosing their favorite hot bath.

  • Saunas use generally an electric or a wood burning heater and heated by placing stones on top of it. Occasionally water is poured on the stones which produce steam raising the temperature. On the other hand a steam room uses a steam generator is used which heats water outside the steam room and forces the steam or vapor into the room.
  • Saunas use dry heat. The humidity level is maintained very low may be at 10% thereby making it hotter than steam bath. The temperature inside ranges between 175D to 200D F while steam rooms can reach to a maximum temperature of 100 to 130F and the humidity level is 100%.
  • Saunas are wooden lined and constructed with wooden benches to sit. This helps in retaining the heat for long whereas steam rooms are often built with ceramic tiles helping retain the humidity.
  • Dry Sauna therapy helps the skin to sweat cooling down the body whereas moist steam rooms due to its high humidity lead the body to retain more heat.
  • Sauna therapy helps in effective detoxification by elimination of waste through perspiration. Whereas for those who have problems with dry heat can go for steam rooms which effectively treat in relieving joint pains, enhancing skin tone and texture and also few respiratory illnesses.
  • Finally installation or maintenance of saunas is considered to be easier and cost effective when compared to steam rooms which involve more material, labor and cost.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” But don’t take stress in choosing your favorite stress reliever. It is just a matter of preference.