What is the Difference Between a Van Dyke and a Goatee

There are two kinds of beard styles, goatee and Van Dyke, which are adopted and worn by men. Both of them are usually very popular, but Van Dyke is frequently more popular, and it is also believed to be the professional look. Both the styles are often perplexed because of their correspondence.

There is a lot of confusion among the people with respect to goatee and Van Dyke. Though both of them are very closely related, yet a thin line of difference can be drawn upon them to understand the beard style better.


Goatee is a beard style in which the beard is grown only on the chin. There is no connection to the hair which grows on the upper lip, added to it, there are also no sideburns. It does not include the growth of mustache.

Goatee can be further categorized in two categories in form of long and short. The term is derived from the long hair grown on the chin of goats. The goatee only includes the raise of short or long pact of hair on the chin. On the other hand, Van Dyke is little different from goatee, as it contains mustache.

This is the only difference between goatee and Van Dyke. Later, the style of Van Dyke has also become famous by the name of Van Dyck after the 17th century which represents the style of a painter by the name of Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Earlier Van Dyke was worn by men with a curly mustache, but now a day it is worn with a thick mustache and without curling the moustache upwards

Van dyke​

Van dyke is an alternative of goatee and some people also refer the classic goatee to Van Dyke. If the hair grown on the chin is very long than it is also called as chin beard. Another alternative of goatee which has become famous is the beard on chin connected to the side burns transversely to the bottom of the chin and up the cheeks.

The side burns are raised to meet the hair on the lower cheeks and the jaw. These all are done in the absence of mustache. This type of look is commonly known as the chinstrap or chinstrap beard.

Other differences between goatee, Van Dyke and other types of beard are, when a Van Dyke join the goatee to the mustache, a circle beard type of look is formed. Many people called this style simple Van Dyke whereas others call them as classic Van Dyke. But the Van Dyke is a combination of goatee and mustache and does not require connecting the both to each other.

When the beard is grown on the chin and rises to the neck, than it is known as neck goatee. This look is often worn by the youngster because of its bold look.