What is the Difference Between an Eastern King and a California King Size Mattress

A goodnight’s sleep always makes one feel relaxed and refreshed to get ready for another new day and such a sleep is possible not by just hitting on to the bed. One should sleep on the right mattress also to get it comfortable. Apart from the comfort factor it is also essential to look at the size of the mattress and particularly when it comes to a family bed shared by two to three people including kids along, size cannot be neglected.

How many of you have explored on shopping of mattress and are aware of the different sizes they are available in? Most of us must have just been aware of the standard single size mattresses or the double size mattresses. Few might also be familiar with queen beds and the twin beds. But did you know that there is another King size which as the name implies is the largest amongst all. These mattresses are of two types namely Eastern king size and California king size mattresses.

Now let’s further look into the king sizes and also understand how they differ from each other which could help you out in choosing the best to match your requirement. Before we get into the comparison it is necessary to recall the features of Queen Size which could serve as a benchmark to find the differences. A queen size mattress is a choice generally made by couple who tend to sleep close and comfortably as well. They are 60” wide and 80” long. Such mattress can serve well for a small size master bedroom.

When it comes to king sizes the difference between Eastern and California is once again between their dimensions.

  • Eastern or the Standard king size mattress is 76” wide and 80” long whereas California or the Western size comes in 72” width and 84” length.
  • This makes it easier to compare them with Queen Size. Eastern size is almost 16” wider but comes at the same length whereas California size is 12” wider and also 4” longer than the Queen Size. This makes Eastern size the widest available mattress and also makes it the best choice for a couple with enough space for each other. Nevertheless it becomes difficult to sleep for taller adults on eastern size mattress and therefore California mattress seems to be the best choice as it is the longest size that one can go for and hence could be preferred by adults of more than six feet tall.

Both the sizes come as one mattress with two box springs. The choice just is based on how much room you require for each person on bed and how lengthy you are.  And don’t forget to choose the right size bed sheets for the same. So once your bed is all set, there is nobody to stop you from a relaxed and peaceful sleep.