What is the Difference between Analog and Digital

Analog is a term used for continuous flow while digital is used discrete. These terms are used to differentiate the type of signals. Mainly Analog signals vary continuously whereas the digital signals are based on binary digits i.e. 0s and 1s.

Analog signals use continuously variable electric currents and voltages to produce data which is to be transmitted. Since data is sent using variable currents, it is very difficult to remove noise and wave distortions during the transmissions. This is the main reason which affects the quality of data transmission and hence these signals cannot perform high quality data transmission.

Digital signals make it possible to transmit high quality of data using binary digits (0s and 1s). Once the information is digital, computers can be used to edit the data and create effects that were never possible with analog signals. Digital media is non-linear i.e. it can be edited or played back starting at any point which saves a lot of time. Digital computers also work with a series of 0’s and 1’s to represent each and everything which is to be processed such as letters, symbols, and numbers. Numbers are also represented by using the binary digits where only 0’s and 1’s are used.

One more important difference between the digital and analog computers is of Quality. The digital devices translate and reassemble data so the quality is not that much good. But now these errors and disturbances have also been made possible to be removed with the help of technology. Digital is expensive than analog one but the cost is getting reduced day by day. The records are also not degraded over time because as long as the numbers are read, the user will be able to get the same wave.

An analog signal varies in response to change in sound or image being transmitted while digital signal is a sequence of pulses. In digital signals, the information is converted into a series of ON and OFF signals before being transmitted. These signals can be sent over longer distances. These signals can also be reproduced exactly same as they were earlier, as much as time the user wants it to while in case of analog signals, deterioration is there.

Computers also perform digital computations so all the analog data or information has to be converted into digital data and then only be processed as digital information does not wear out with time.

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