What is the Difference Between DSL and ADSL

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line is a digital transmission system. Copper Wires are used in it to send voice and data packets. It is used to provide long term access and high speed internet access to the users. The users are able to access the data at higher rates and they can also download movies, songs etc… User can download unlimited amounts of data through DSL service at a higher speed.

The advantage of DSL is that even when the phone line is in use, the user can still have access to high speed internet connection without any interruption even when the user is making calls. When a user is close to the central office of the company with which he or she has subscribed, then the user will have faster internet, but when the user is far from central office, the user will have slower internet connection.

ADSL – Asymmetric DSL is one of the methods for implementing DSL. In ADSL, the connection speed is not the same when the user goes from home to internet and when the information comes down from the internet to home i.e. in this the downstream transmissions run faster than the upstream transmissions. The user tends to pull more and more information from the internet to his or her PC (i.e. the downloading stream) which is approx.10 times faster than the speed which the browser sends the http address to internet (i.e. the uploading speed).

The Price of DSL connections is higher than that of ADSL connections. This is due to the fact that the uploading speed provided in DSL connections is much more than that of ADSL connections. The ADSL connections are needed in situations where there is need of higher downloading speed while the DSL connections are most utilized where both, upstream and downstream data transfer speed, is needed.

In DSL connection, there is no need to have a separate line installed; the same line i.e. the telephone line is used for both – internet as well as talking on the phone.

ADSL is typically used by Residential customers who want to use telephone line simultaneously with ADSL connection. In simple terms, ADSL is just one of the types of DSL (There are two types of DSL i.e. SDSL and VDSL).