What is the Difference Between Face Cream and Body Lotion

Of course there is a difference between face cream and body lotion because we apply the different solution on different part of our body. The skin of our face is more sensitive than the skin of the other parts of the body. Therefore a body lotion may always be not applicable to face. Most of the dermatologists and skin specialists suggest that using face cream is important to prevent the skin from sun burns and other weather affects.

Why use face creams:

The face is the only part of the body that directly appeals to other’s visual impression. At present, the dermatologists and cosmetologists across the world recommend a regular schedule of face cream application for the following reasons:

  • Face creams prevent the premature signs of aging. As face succumbs to any kind of irregularities like excessive smoking, taking alcohol, it gives a negative impact to the viewers about your age. Using face creams can control it to some extent. However, the best thing is that you should control those practices to let your face express your real age.
  • If your’s is an oily skin you can keep the pores free of oil, when you are out of your house, using the face creams. A body lotion doesn’t facilitate you with this option.

Learn the skin of your body:

The skin of the body is quite different from facial skin. The body skin remains concealed under clothing for the maximum time of a day and that is why doesn’t experience environmental damage as the facial skin does. However, there are a few people whose skin gets exposed to excessive sunlight for maximum time. They must use the body lotions to protect their skin.

Uses of body lotions:

As you we use face creams to protect the facial skin from several damages, likewise it is also very important to keep body skin hydrated using body lotion. Body lotions works on body skin in the following ways.

  • The lotions get dissolved quickly and relive the dead cells to keep your skin boisterous and hydrated.
  • It softens your skin that goes harsh and dry due to sunlight.
  • Body lotions are available in different fragrances. So, you get around the clock freshness when you apply the lotions.

Why not body creams:

There are few people who use body creams but contemporary dermatologist suggest that using body lotion is much better than using body creams. The lotions generally contain more water than the creams to make it thinner. So, you can use this at any time of the day as it doesn’t feel sticky like the creams. 

Thus the moral of the story is body lotions are best for body skin and face creams must be applied on face. However, if your body lotion includes the same formula of face cream, you can apply it on face as well.