What is the Difference Between Hand Lotion and Face Lotion

Lotion is an emollient which softens the skin. Cream is also an emollient but it is higher in viscosity than a lotion. Lotion is an oil-in-water emulsion which is non- oily and moisturizes the skin when applied. For it to be effective, it should be applied through hands after a bath when the skin is still damp

In winter season, cold temperature and low humidity levels, dry out the skin. Hence one needs to moisturize the skin during the day and at night. Lotion is generally used for light moisturizing. Commercially available lotions include a number of ingredients like fragrances, glycerol, stabilizing agents, petroleum jelly and preservatives. Shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E, coconut oil, avocado extract are some ingredients which are good for skin products.

For many people, there is no difference between hand lotion and a face lotion, but it is not true. Hand lotions as well as body lotions are thicker and in consistency than a lotion meant for face. The reason being, hand or body has different moisturizing needs than the face.

Our face needs something which supplements its natural oils. Hence, lotion for face is non-oily and light in consistency. A thicker consistency lotion on face can clog the pores of the skin and may cause break-outs. As opposed to this, hand lotions are thicker because they are meant to provide deep moisturizing on areas like knuckles, elbows and palms, which tend to be drier than the rest of the hand. Even after repeated washing of hands, some moisture will still remain, due to the thicker consistency of hand lotion.

Formulations for hand and face lotions are also vastly different due to different needs of skin of these areas. While hand lotion or body lotion are formulated to treat the rough and dry areas; face lotion has ingredients which nourish the skin from inside, resulting in a clear and glowing complexion. They also contain effective sun block and many anti ageing ingredients, which tighten the pores, cleanse the skin. No such requirements is there for skin of hand.  

Face lotions can include cleansers which remove excessive oil from the skin.Unlike hands where one requires deep moisturizing to prevent drying out and scaling of knuckles and palms, face does not need any residue. It has the body’s natural oils which can carry out the process and protects it from damage. During night time, our body and skin repairs the damage. For little drier facial skin, a night facial cream or any kind of moisturizing can give a youthful glow in the morning.