What is the Difference between Hardware and Software

Hardware refers to the physical components of the computer that have physical characteristics such as color, weight and shape etc… Hardware is used to run the software. Some examples of hardware include the hard drive, the motherboard, the video and sound cards, the monitor, the printer, scanner, the keyboard and the mouse. Removable storages such as USB Flash Drive, CD or DVD Rom are also the examples of hardware.

Software is a collection of programs which interface between the user and the hardware. These programs are installed on the computer system which can be games, graphic programs, audio or video player, word or spreadsheet programs and many more.

Hardware understands only Binary Data or digits i.e. 0s and 1s in the form of voltage pulses while Software tells the Hardware everything in the form of Binary Data or digits i.e. 0s and 1s only.

The components of the hardware remains the same for different types of software i.e. almost all kind of software can be run on same hardware by just modifying a bit but without changing its basic structure to run some heavy software. Hardware can store data in it while the data itself is called software.

Software is of two kinds:

Applications software: It is the software that is used to run applications. It does not interact directly to the hardware. It directly interacts with the system software. It can be in the field of games, database management systems, audio or video players, or some word processors etc… Systems software: It is responsible to make the computer run and hence make the application software to function properly on the computer as well. System software interacts directly with the hardware. Without system software it is not possible to run application software as the computer is always started with system software. Operating system of the computer is System software only.

Professionals and Experts in Hardware are called Hardware Engineers while professionals and Experts in Software are called Software Engineers.

Software’s are created with the help of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP and many more.

Both hardware and software have different functions but are essential part of a computer system. The components of a computer system include hardware which is used for physical appearance while this physical appearance will only be possible because of proper software which will be installed on it.

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