What is the Difference Between http and https

HTTP the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and is the most popular and the only means for making the communication possible. As a protocol is defined as the set of rules that are understandable to the two medium which is communicating with each other for example if a person knows only English and the other person who is talking to him is using French, so here it can be said that this communication is not of any use to both of them, so they need to have a common language that is understandable to both of them, this is what a protocol define. The HTTP is the similar defined a protocol for the web standard which the communication possible over the internet spread throughout the globe.

As with the advancement of the web and making most of the application to be run on online, and specially the commercial processes, so there is felt a special need for security for making the e-transaction possible in a secure manner, but the problem was HTTP was not defined for this kind of module, for this a new standard was introduce which is popularly known as the HTTPS the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer.

Now following are some of the more differences which can be seen between HTTP and HTTPS.

When the web is browsed using the HTTP then the information which is transmitted is done with the help of PORT number 80. Whereas if talking about the HTTPS, When the data is browsed using HTTPS then the information is transmitted using the port number 443.

In HTTP there is no mechanism introduced in itself which could provide it with any kind of encryption, Whereas in case of the HTTPS the SSL makes use of a 40-bit key size for the RC4 stream encryption algorithm, which algorithm is considered to be as the best fitted and suited algorithm for the commercial exchange

In case of HTTP, the protocol stack or the layered approach of TCP that is followed is the same as is offered by the TCP/IP protocol stack, and the data simply flows among these layers traditionally. Where as in case of the HTTPS transmission there is a virtual new layer introduced above the network layer, in this case the traditional flow of information is not followed instead before transmission/Receiving of the information to the upper/lower layer the data is Decrypted/encrypted first and then the interaction with the other layer takes place.

The HTTPS transaction is bit slow as an extra layer is introduced and time is required for Decrypting/encrypting the information, whereas the HTTP transmission is quiet faster as compared.