What is the Difference Between Mittens and Gloves

Mittens are a form of gloves worn on the hands for protection. There is one primary difference between gloves and mittens and that is where gloves have shape for all fingers and thumbs on them, the mittens have only two part distribution, one for thumb and the other for the remaining fingers, thus reducing the area of exposure. This ensures less heat loss. This property is primarily helpful in keeping the hands warm as all the fingers together keep warm compared to gloves. As such mittens are primarily used in extreme cold conditions like the northern Americas and any area closer to Arctic Circle.

The mittens were designed in late 19th century for use of children and adults who played with snow balls. The primary objective of mittens is similar to gloves that is protection against extreme cold and hazardous materials. Glass workers and other worker who require dexterity in their work like doctors wear gloves. On the other hand, metal workers and heavy workers can make do with the mittens. The earliest known examples of mittens are from over 1000 years old. The Native Americans, the Vikings and people from Baltic countries are known to have used them for a long time.

At present since the mittens are primarily used for children, another variation called idiots mittens are used. These are mittens are tied to each other using a string which goes through the jacket and ensures that the mittens don’t fall or are lost due to negligence of the kids. This, though, is a practical way of ensuring that there is no loss of mittens. The other variation of mittens is the hunter mitten which was introduced in the 1930s for the hunters and the gunners. These mittens had flap on them so that the finger could be taken out of the mitten and used to fire a firearm. Another popular form of mittens is the scratch mittens which do not even have distinction of thumb. These are used for babies hands to prevent them from hurting themselves with their own nails since younger babies don’t have their motor nerves completely developed. Mittens are preferred choice of skateboarders and snowboarders. Mittens are primarily made from wool and such are not long lasting which may be the reason for not finding older examples of mittens. At present even old sweaters are be used to make mittens. With new technology man made materials are increasingly being used for making the mittens.