What is the Difference between Mules and Clogs Shoes

Clogs and mules are types of shoes that are comfortable to wear and one can easily slip ones feet in them. These come in various styles hence are acceptable form of shoes in some work places. The primary difference between mules and clogs shoes can vary from a little to a lot as it primarily depends on who is defining. When you visit a shoe store you may find them sitting together in the same row. And yes they can be called just shoes. A clog shoe may be considered as closed toed, with a bottom and a heel perhaps a couple of inches high. Clogs come primarily from the roman era where the working class people wore these shoes and thus were shoes of hard working people. These had wooden soles. These shoes are backless though they do come with higher length when they are called clog boots. These are known by different names in different countries, including sabot, which is a French form of shoes from 18th century.

The mules too would be considered the recent reincarnation by the French of the shoes that have their origins with the romans. These are marked by a high heel, and based on shoes worn by Roman senators called calceus mulleus. The name seems to have been shortened to mules by English speaking population.

So we can tell from here that the primary difference between mules and clogs was in the difference between who wore them and hence the style and practical difference in them. Clogs are hardworking shoes that provide a little comfort to the wearer while being able to take beating while the mules are shoes for style. Though both of them are backless yet the primary difference of heel is there. The platform shoes would be considered clog shoes while the mules don’t have platform but a high heel. This heel would typically be around 3 or more inches. Mules may come in pointy or rounded front along with a variety of materials. The mule can also have an open toe while the clog almost never has open toe. The clog shoe will have a wider front and the entire shoe would be wider compared to mule. The heel of the clog will be very strong and sturdy. Clogs are more suitable for work that requires long hours of standing as it has a shorter heel. Typically a tougher leather top is used for making the clog shoes while the mule shoes can be found in variety of soft and manmade materials as they are made for style and are not meant to take harsh beating.

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