What is the Difference Between Perfume and Eau De Toilette

Perfume is the most expensive and best quality of fragrance whereas eau de toilette is not as good as perfume. Perfume consists of 35-40% concentrated aromatic compounds whereas eau de toilette contains only about 20%.

There are many people in this world who love to use perfume so that they can stay fresh for the whole day and their dress doesn’t stink. But most of the times, the perfume which they use vanishes after just a few hours. This happens because at the time of buying people don’t see whether it’s really a perfume or any other degraded fragrance. Today, fragrances can be divided into four parts on the basis of their scent life i.e. perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. Perfume is the best fragrance as it lasts from early morning till late night. On the other hand, fragrance like eau de toilette vanishes after few hour of scent.

The main reason why perfume has such a long scent life whereas eau de toilette has less is that the concentration of aromatic compounds in perfume is much more than that of eau de toilette. In Perfume, concentration of aromatic compounds is approximately 35-40% whereas eau de toilette has about 20% concentration of aromatic compounds only. Perfume is much more expensive than eau de toilette and original perfume is very difficult to get in the market because it is not at all easy to distinguish whether it’s an eau de toilette. This is because chemicals are used in eau de toilette to make its scent strong whereas the scent of original perfume is not that strong.

When you go to buy a scent and want to know whether it’s a perfume or eau de toilette then you can succeed by checking several things. First of all, you should see in the ingredients column that the word “all natural ingredients” is mentioned or not. If this is mentioned then you can make out that it is a perfume because a perfume is made up of tremendous numbers of natural ingredients whereas eau de toilette is made up of some synthetic chemicals. Apart from this, you can distinguish a perfume and eau de toilette by its odor.

An original perfume lasts for a long time and has three notes which work together. All the three notes have different scents and can be distinguished easily. It may happen that you may like the first and second note but not the third note of that perfume because your olfactory sense may prefer accordingly. Middle note of a perfume exists for the maximum time and is most pleasant because of mixture of all three notes. Base note is the scent which is left at the end of the day. But in eau de toilette no notes are there as it has only one fragrance and this fragrance doesn’t lasts for long time.