What is the Difference between Rap and Hip Hop

Rap and Hip –hop are two different types of music that belongs to the hip-hop subcategory. Legends says, rap music arrive from the hip-hop itself. The root of rap music can be traced back to history. In the Jamaican Ska era, noticeably in the mid of 60’s, rap stepped in the world of rock music. DJ Herc, father of rock hi-hop introduced the music to the music lover of New York in the year 1967.  

How they are different:       

As it is said earlier Rap and Hip-Hop belongs to the sub-category of hip-hop, still there is difference between these two types of music. Hip –hop is actually the name of the culture that includes the following features:

  • Hip-hop included DJ’ing that means there will be music and beats.
  • B-Boying is another feature of hip- hop. B- Boying means a special kind of dance, preferably the breakins.
  • The rap is also a part of hip-hop
  • At last, there will be graffiti art like tags and muralism.

This entire package is actually known as hip-hop. When an emcee or lyricist does orate to this beats it becomes a Rap. Rap music generally represents not an entire culture but a particular history, community, or sometime a divine purpose.

Features of Rap music:

Rap music has quite different characteristic than hip-hops. Though it belongs to the similar category, still it features:

  • A combination of poetry and rhyming in the beats of music.
  • The subjects of rap music keep changing rapidly. It can range from personal relationship to a local event.  
  • In early 70s and 80 Rap music played a different role in society. The crucial social issues that were not receiving attention of regular Medias came to the fore with the help Rap music.
  • Today’s Rap focuses on relationship issues and customer commercialism as well.

 History of Hip-Hop

In 1970, a special group of musician like Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang and Fab Freddy introduced distinctive beat box style music. They used to sing the songs in up beat tones and this special singing method bound the audiences to get up of their seats and sake there body with the rhythm of the music. They used to deliver more positive and affirmative massages to the listeners, which inspired them to look at the brighter side of life. However, when it comes differentiating the popularity of Rap and Hip-hop, both receives respectively equal numbers of vote on their favor.

News of Hip-Hop and Rap:

Both Rap and Hip-Hop is now a huge industry. With time this two types of music will succeed to bring diversity in this industry gradually. From the patented Rap and Hip-Hop we have got southern Rap, Latin Rap and Christian Rap and hope to get something different in near future.

There can be huge difference between in Rap and Hip-Hop music but both the music is really very entertaining. You are supposed to get community news from the Rap music and will be inspired by the hip-hop to look positively towards future.