What is the Difference Between Shower Gel and Body Wash

It is believed that smooth and silky skin is a god’s gift. However this is not true after the cosmetic industry has stepped in along with its numerous skin care products to do wonders to your skin and can give you that which you don’t possessed naturally. Body washes and shower gels are one of them that guarantee to give you a subtle and soft skin and no doubts about their nourishment.

Both shower gels and body washes are forms of soap in liquid that has replaced the bar soaps and hence help in cleansing the body along with improved fragrances. Additionally they are formulated with increased moisturizers in them which make the skin not only smooth or silky but also healthy. These liquid soaps are generally used with the help of a bath sponge or a pouf which helps in enhanced lather and uniform cleansing of the whole body.

 Shower gel and Body wash have off late become increasingly popular amongst women for various reasons. Convenience is one of them, for it is easy to handle and could be stored neatly unlike the normal bar soap and moreover it is quite handy during travel. There is a hygiene factor also involved in this. You don’t have to share your soap anymore with others avoiding possible skin infections. Another important reason is that they don’t leave your skin dry after a bath for it contains improved moisturizer in them. Thus they serve the dual purpose of a cleanser and also a moisturizer to the entire body. One more tempting factor is the kind of fragrances they come in which makes it a perfect choice for a date or to impress your husband.

So, how is a shower gel different from a body wash? There are few insignificant differences between the two in terms of their fragrance concentration and texture. Shower gels are usually thick and firm and could produce enough lather with few drops of them. They can be used for all skin types and it leaves you with a long-lasting fragrance after a refreshing bath. Creamy Body wash is slightly thin compared to gel but comes rich in moisture especially the ones which come along with milk proteins which make it suitable or rather preferable for women with dry skin. Body wash is also available for kids and infants in a milder concentration. You can try them for kids to give a nice and clean bath.

Clean and young looking skin can turn out to be a happy skin. Since it is your skin that keeps protecting you throughout, one should take all means in safeguarding it, the way you would care for the other parts of the body. And by keeping the skin clean and rich in fragrance, it makes you feel fresh the whole day. Afterall smooth silky skin is any day sexy and also sensuous.