What Is the Difference Between Socialism and Communism

Socialism and communism are two different ideologies which have many similarities as well as many differences. In fact according to Karl Marx, socialism is the road that leads to communism. Many countries have tried out the ideologies of socialism and communism and the similarities have been noticed. The main similarity between the two is that both the forms believe in the property lying in the hands of one central authority. This property here refers to the production of goods and services which will lead to the generation of profits and wealth.

The main point of difference between socialism and communism is that socialism is only a form of the economy. This means that it defines only about how the economy should be and there is no mention about the form of government, where as communism talks about both the economy and the form of government. But ultimately both have the intention of wiping away the ill effects of capitalism that leads to classes in the economic and the political society.

The most important difference between socialism and communism is when it comes to the distribution of the property held by the central authority. According to socialism, the property should be held collectively by the class that does the production and generates wealth. This wealth should be distributed among the individuals based on their personal production capabilities. All of them must get what they deserve. It can be said that socialism aims at the benefit of the majority.

When it comes to communism it can be said that the distribution is done according to the individuals need and not according to his efforts. Such a way of distribution of profits makes sure that all the individuals have equal and there is no social or economic discrimination. The main aim of communism of having a classless society can be fulfilled by this ideology.

Another point of difference between socialism and communism is in the way they view capitalism. The communist way of thinking believes that capitalism should not exist as it will create classes and the powers and property will lie in very few hands. But when it comes to socialism there are various views that followers of socialism believe in. one sect of the believers say that socialism can exist in a capitalist society when the capitalism is controlled by a central authority and is closely regulated. A few socialists even believe in decentralization.

One more difference that can be discussed in the context of socialism and communism id that socialism has a large number of people who are regulating and controlling where as communism believes in having only a handful number of people doing that.