What is the difference between Uploading and Downloading

Uploading and downloading are two terms which are related to the transfer of data across the web. However, the data transfer in the form of uploading and downloading can also take place between 2 or single computer. On a single computer, you can transfer the data through the pen drive or floppy to computer and vice versa. Uploading the data is the process of transferring the data from your computer to the other computer on the internet. This can be done when you are connected to internet. Downloading is the process of transferring data from the internet to your own computer. When you listen to any song or watch any video on the internet, that is an example of downloading as it is first downloaded on your computer and then you are able to watch or listen to them. Uploading is when you upload a photograph or a video on some site. Uploading is to share data with others across internet.

There are many social networking sites which allow you to upload data so that you can share it with your friends and family. When you download something from the internet to your own computer, it becomes your own property. You can manipulate it as you want to. For uploading a file on the other computer, the other computer must have the space to save that file and while downloading something to your own computer, your hard disk must have the space to store the data. If you want to upload some file on to some website, then must have the permission to upload that file on that website. FTP that is File Transfer Protocol is the facility that is provided by internet for uploading and downloading the files on internet. In layman’s language, download means to receive and upload means to send a file.

But technically it is not correct. The difference between uploading a file and downloading a file is the difference in the routes. If you download a file, it will be available to you only or only to the people who have access to that computer. However, if you upload a file on some computer then it will be available to a larger number if people as compared to the people in case of downloading. Today, you have been provided with the facility of uploading and downloading files through cellphones and PDAs too. It has bring a revolution in almost each and every sector.

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