What is the Difference Between Vector and Bitmap Images

Bitmap Images are also known as raster images. These images are resolution dependent so it is not possible to increase or decrease their size without affecting quality of the image. Vector Based images are not dependent on resolution so the size of the vector image can be increased or decreased to any proportion without having any effect on the quality of the image. A vector image uses geometrical formulas to represent images while the bitmap image is made up of a pattern of dots.

Programs that allow user to create and manipulate vector graphics are called draw programs and programs that manipulate bitmap images are called paint programs.

Vector Image Formats are: CDR (CorelDraw format) AI (Adobe Illustrator format) EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) EPSF (Encapsulated PostScript Format)

Bitmap Image Formats are:

JPG: Good for photos and images with many colors GIF: Good for logos and images with limited colors PNG: Good for logos and photos

A vector is a format of a drawing whereas bitmap is a format of a photo.

Bitmap Images are rectangular in shape. If a bitmap image is there with any other shape then it just means that the rest of the pixels have same color as the image’s background color. While the vector images can be of any shape. The vector bitmap and the vector circle are almost same on a white background whereas on any other color, the difference is seen as the bitmap circle’s white pixels are visible, thus proving its rectangular shape.

Vector images are important if a person have an image that he or she will be using repeatedly at different sizes. For e.g. a company logo might be put on envelopes and letterheads, as well as posters and billboards. Having personal logo in vector makes it easy to print it at different sizes, and retain a clean, crisp image, no matter the size. For most other basic jobs bitmaps are a faster and more cost effective way to produce images.

Quality Vector images require a lot of efforts to be made. It takes a skilled artist many hours to produce a quality vector logo, illustration, or diagram. But for images that are going to be used again and again it is beneficial for the person only to use these types of images.