What is the Distributive Property

This Distributive property is also called as distributive law.  This property makes you to multiply with the addends.  Children find it very easy and understand the essence of mathematics very easily.  The ability of the children can be increased within no time.  They will find mathematics as an easy subject and children will be more enthusiastic to learn mathematics. After multiplying the addends, they shall have to sum it to get the desired answer.  Mental math can be developed in children within no time. The children who find difficult to learn tables and all can solve the mathematical multiplication related problems very easily.

The method is very quick and effective.  They will make the calculations in their heads and will spell out the result very fast.  Firstly it seems that children need to make lot of practice in order to do the mathematical problems.  After making some practice, they can easily solve without putting anything on the paper.  The ability of the children can be maximized using the distributive property.  For example, if they wish to multiply 17 with 3.  First the number 17 must be separated as 10 and 7.  Then 10 should be multiplied with 3 and 7 should also be multiplied with 3.  The sum of the both products will give you the exact answer.  As the multiplication of numbers with 10 is easy, children will do the fast calculation.

Students shall prepare well multiplying the numbers with tens and should break the numbers accordingly.  This type of calculations helps and assists the mental math process in the children.  In Algebra also, this property seems handy helping the kids to a maximum extent.  Actually parenthesis struggle and often confuse the students.  But they can get rid of such problems with the help of this distributive law or property.  Suppose for example if the calculation a(b+c) shall be distributed as ab+ac in which there won’t be any use of parenthesis.

Likewise you can utilize the distributive property to multiply the polynomials with a monomial.  The product of a monomial and polynomial shall be divided and each term should be divided with a monomial.  Actually this distributive property is simple and the concept is easy and application is also very easy.   Simplification of difficult algebraic problems will be made possible.  On the order of operations, you can solve the problems which are having parenthesis very easily. Thus, this distributive law is the best of all other properties.  But you need careful attention while doing the problems.

This best property answers you for several questions in an easiest way.  You can multiply a number with a group of numbers added together for getting the desired result.  Otherwise you can make the multiplications first and then have to add their products to get your answer.  Though little time taking, you can get the answer however.

Conclusion:    Thus distributive property breaks the numbers into parts and the calculations can be made easy.  Of all the properties, children should practice this to prove their efficiency and talent with big numbers.