What is the Dress Code for Disneyland Cast Members

Dress code has been one of the keenly observed aspects by employees of Disneyland. Popularly referred to as cast members, it is mandatory for men to shave their hair as maintaining it long is totally unacceptable. This is all in the efforts to ensure cast members portray the right image of Disneyland to the outside world. Every member of the cast is supposed to be clean shaved which is furthermore aimed at enhancing their general looks. The dress code rule at Disneyland is very strict that even visitors will sometimes be sent away for not adhering to this unwritten law.

Things however began to change at the onset of the 21st century with Disneyland making several changes to its dressing policy. As such, male members of the cast were given the chance to wear mustaches but under the sole condition that they maintain neatness. This rule on mode of dressing is however a bit relaxed to members of the female gender who form part of the cast. Whereas men are prohibited from having earrings on, women are not discriminated under this as they are free to wear studs and earrings but they should be small in size not to tamper with ones looks.

Another strict exemption at Disneyland is long fingernails which are not acceptable in men and women alike. The logic behind this is that such nails would encourage dirty or unhygienic hands or the temptation to decorate them with unattractive colors. There is furthermore no room for visible tattoos both in men and women as that would portray a bad image of Disneyland. In case there is need for a makeup then that is only allowed in women although they should also not have much of it but keep that minimal. This is designed to ensure all members of the cast remain natural all the times.

The main reason why Disneyland lays more emphasis on the dress code of its cast members is to make visitors feel at ease anytime they are together with members of the cast. Once they are on their costumes, members are not allowed to make lots of movements so as to give guests a feeling of belonging once they are around. Even though these rules may differ from one member to another depending on the character they play, they are for sure well designed to help enhance Disneyland’s image among its audience and other prospects. The current dress code at Disneyland is a total contract of what used to be there in the past as members enjoy some freedom of choice on what to dress in.

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