What Is the Equator

The equator is the lineup that runs throughout the center of the globe in order to subdivide the earth. The distance of the equator is approximately 44,075 km in length and runs as of one ending to the additional in sort to divide the earth into the Southern and Northern hemisphere. The line is considered among the most notable features of the earth and it is what makes the earth rotate easily. The line is the axis on which the earth rotates in order to create a balance during the earth’s rotation around the sun. The countries located within the equator are usually the warmest where as the ones located below the line are the coldest due to lower temperatures.

The equator runs through a number of countries such as Kenya, Somalia, Indonesia, and Uganda. The countries through which the country runs are usually the hottest because they are found within the equator. The countries are about 80 to 90 degrees. The equator is thus the means through which the earth rotates and it is where most tropical rain forests lie. The warmest tropical rain forests are found to be within the equator.

Further it can be seen that the equator is the wettest, warmest and most humid regions within the earth. The countries or rain forests that lie within the equator have the largest amount of precipitation or humidity within the earth. It can be seen that the rain forests found within the equator are usually the most humid and receive the most rain. For example, the Amazon rain forest, tropical rain forest and African rain forest receive the most rain and are the most humid parts of the world.

Moreover, the equator is solitary of the small number of places where there is a continual time of 12 hours a day and night. The countries that are also found within the equator are usually constant in temperature since the seasons are constant within the equator. In fact this allows the growth of plants and wildlife easily due to the constant temperature. This is why biodiversity is promoted within the equator.

There are thus many uses to the equator which is home to the best tropical rain forests due to the amazing amount of rainfall and are also the best source of wildlife and plants. The tropical rainforests are thus able to flourish within the equator. In addition spacecrafts are able to launch within the equator because those spacecrafts that launch there are able to determine their location. This is what makes the equator very useful in many ways that on and brings about the best source of plants and wildlife.

Hence, it can be concluded that the equator is regarded as the castle in the sky line which runs all through the center in the ground that divides the earth it two hemisphere, such as the Northern and Southern hemisphere. It is also said that the equator is most wet, hot and extreme humid areas on the earth.