What is the High Jump

It is considered as a track event and an athletic event. The competitor should jump over the bar that is laid horizontally at a certain height. The height or altitude is measured by the team members using certain devices. There are various levels of contestants and depending upon the expertise of the contestants, the bars are accordingly laid at certain heights. As the player gains expertise in the event, the altitude for the event is made higher. Usually the experts such as Olympic players jump at a height of 2 metes and above.


This game was introduced by the Scottish people in the 19th century and the bar was laid diagonally. The players usually wear special shoes for high jump that is different from the other shoes. The soles of the shoes are very thick so that the player is protected if he tends to fall.  The player should be quick and should safely cross the bar that is laid to a certain height. He should forcibly jump if he should cross a certain height.  High jump is a game where the player should make a tall jump and lean from his ankles to jump to the certain height. The player usually uses drills to become an expert in high jump. He initially jumps over a straight line first and then runs in two or three circles continuously. He also skips some circles about two to three times to gain the practice to jump to a certain height.

Rules of the game

The person who jumps at the maximum height from the minimum height given is announced as the winner of the game. The player who jumps at a certain height for the first time and is ahead of other players is declared as a winner. If the player in the game is able to jump over a certain height then the height is raised so that he reaches a higher goal next time. If the player is not able to cross the height that is laid, then the height of the bar is lowered.

The sports team maintains the record of the player in the game. His success is measured by the total attempts he made to cross the bar and the number of times he succeeded to attain the height and the total height he attained to cross the bar. The player who fails for minimum times is declared as the winner. The players who want to gain expertise in high jump usually need vigorous practice and they practice from the minimum height and then slowly attain the particular height. High jump is a very popular game.


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