What is the Human Genome Project

Human Genome Project is a scientific research project which took its form in the year 1990. This international project was started with a sole purpose of finding the sequence of chemical base pairs which constitute to form a DNA. DNA is considered to be the structural and functional unit of a living organism. Hence, for this project, around 20000-25000 genes are taken to consideration for understanding the sequence of chemical base pairs. This project was conducted at Ari Partinos which comes under the US department of energy’s office and science.

In the course of the project there were several finding that were successfully made about the sequencing of chemical base pairs in the DNA. The first finding was that the number of genes present in the human beings, is the same when compared to mice and round worms. This similarity of genes would help the medical sciences to discover the root of the diseases. The second finding was that the human genome has sections of DNA which are repeated, when compared to mammalian genome. This phenomenon in human genome helps in the formation of new primate genes. Other findings told that a major percentage of genome sequence codes constitute for protein. These are a few findings of the Human Genome project.

There are several benefits by performing the human genome project: –

  • Presently, the knowledge gained on the genome data is minimal. By a better interpretation of the genome data, much advancement can be made in medical sciences and biotechnology. With a partial knowledge that is gained about the genome data, there are several biotechnology firms which have developed different simplified methods, to administer genetic tests.
  • This human genome project can come in great help to the biological scientists. In case a biological scientist is studying about cancer, he might narrow down to a particular gene. Once, the human genome project is done, the structure and the behavior of the gene would be discussed in detail with the opinions of various scientists. The biological scientist using this data from the Human genome project can study the gene in a better way, and consider the opinion of other scientists too.
  • The similarities that occur in the sequencing of DNA among various organisms, helps in understanding the process of evolution in a better way.
  • This project helps in understanding the diseases in a deeper level and thus designs several therapeutic procedures for the control of the disease.

Hence, the Human Genome project is highly beneficial with its numerous benefits and findings. Continuing this project would help the mankind find better solutions to cure the diseases.