What is the Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle

One can use Plastic bottles for different types of purposes. It is possible to hold soft drinks and juice with plastic bottles as well. There can be least doubt about the fact that plastic bottles play an omnipresent role in the lives of many consumers/customers. The importance of plastic bottles cannot be over-ruled.

Different Steps

The life cycle of a plastic bottle consists of a few steps:

  • Polymerization
  • Molding
  • Packaging
  • Consumption and Collection

The above-mentioned points form the basic stages in the life cycle of plastic bottles. Almost every plastic bottle is manufactured from petroleum. A few varieties are constructed from deposits as many as three million years old. One of the other disheartening aspects is that a few manufacturers produce plastic bottles from bio-plastics.

Beginning of Life Cycle of Plastic Bottles

The bio-plastics, from which plastic bottles are manufactured, are as many as three billion years old. It is not a preferable approach to manufacture plastic bottles from bio-plastics, as it is not environmentally friendly. The life of plastic bottle begins as a semi liquid. The mixture used for making plastic bottles varies from one organization to the other. A few varieties of the mixture used for making plastic bottles are harder while the rest are softer.

Recycling-Important Stage in the Life Cycle of Plastic Bottles

Recycled bottles are primarily made from old melted bottles along with the addition of fresh materials as well. Consumption and Collection is another part in the life cycle of plastic bottles. It is possible to recycle the plastic bottles once they are emptied. Almost every store has redemption machines that enable to gather recyclables along with trash.       

Packaging Stage in the Life Cycle of Plastic Bottles

Packaging of plastic bottles is primarily done with the help of machines. The machines usually grip the bottles from the topmost position and lower it gradually to a filling machine. After lowering the bottles to the appropriate altitude, bottles are loaded with the prescribed liquid. Before shipping the bottles to consumers/vendors, bottles need to be grouped and boxed appropriately.

Recycling of Plastic Bottles

The recycling of plastic bottles is a significant aspect of the life cycle of plastic bottles. In the recycling phase, bottles need to be cleaned, washed and sold back to the commercial organizations that will necessarily use them. It is possible to use the plastic bottles in different ways. The recycled product of plastic bottles is primarily clothing and carpeting. When production of the next phase of plastic products commence, plastic products need to be melted into the appropriate plastic mixtures.  

There are a few varieties of plastic bottles that are made from PET plastic. A recent survey has established the fact that as much as thirty percent of the manufactured PET are made into plastic bottles. Plastic used for making plastic bottles are primarily made by mixing hydrocarbons with chemical catalysts. It is really an astonishing fact that the substances used for making plastic bottles are millions of year old. When the time of disposing a plastic bottle comes, chances are that one will turn to the recycling bin rather than the trash can. The importance of plastic bottles in our daily life is expected to rise further in the coming few years as well.