What is the Most User Friendly Linux Distribution

Ubuntu is the most user friendly Linux Distribution. It is widely used in the computer market. Linux is well designed, easy to use and it has advanced the use of Linux as a desktop Operating System more than any other distribution.

The operating system Ubuntu comes with a built in suite of applications. These applications include Word Processor, Spreadsheet program, graphics editor, email client, web browsers, games and many more. This operating system is totally free and provides free updates to the users too. A catalog of software applications is available which is built in within this operating system. More features of Ubuntu include opening or editing many common Window file formats with friends, which can be Word documents or music files or graphics files.

Some of the users do not like Ubuntu only because of the reason that the operating system is too user friendly. But a majority of people are happy with this operating system and considers it as a great distribution which is freely available over the network.

Ubuntu can be loaded from the CD and needs not to be installed. Ubuntu has a great and rapid growing community of users. Ubuntu comes only on one CD and takes only around 25 minutes to get installed. It is also very easy for the beginners to use it.

Ubuntu is available in various flavors such as Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Xubuntu and many others. Even though Ubuntu does not run on most of the major platforms (from net books to servers), it is its desktop version that makes it much famous and makes it interesting for the users to use and attracts a number of new users too. The most anticipated software releases are Ubuntu’s six monthly releases. Ubuntu also provide users with lot of choices, it is very user friendly when considering the selection of packages and other stuff. It also adds an advantage for the users as the users are avoided from headaches for making a choice from large number of applications.

Ubuntu Server Editions are also used in Cloud Computing. These editions offer technology and resources to make a private or a public cloud. Virtualization capabilities, applications and flexibility are provided by Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud which helps in deploying a cloud within an organization.

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