What is the Peace Corps

A Peace Corps organization developed, by the government, of the united states, for the civilians, to build a better understanding, among the citizens, of other countries, with a bonding relationship. The Peace Corps work in developing the social and economic backbone, in the country. The system incorporated in U.S soil, by the president John F .Kennedy earlier, and established officially.

The Peace Corps act serves as, a law program, to promote and secure, the global peace, among all countries. The people of the United States, work in different countries, and highlight, the concept, of world peace, among the people, who differ in their religions, races and ethnicity, in order to, raise the service, of the manpower.

The main base of Peace Corps advised to develop, all countries by improvising the qualities of mankind. Peace Corps initialized by ordering, the military personnel to volunteer, by spreading across various countries, in all democratic groups.

The former U.S President Kennedy, the initiator to introduce this mission. At first, some Critics opposed this mission, and later the organization addressed in service, to the public. The mission involves the passing of three bills almost, which has known for banning the nuclear tests and researches to avoid war, as a treaty.

In 1957, the first bill, for a Peace Corps act made to destine, the service, among all nations. The students and graduates participated in the mission notably, to offer social operations in countries, which are under development strategy.

A country’s development status detected, in the socioeconomic background, which resist in its society. The controversial fact of Peace Corps organization is that, it faced many critical problems, which provides the full fledged service, and the best operation, since, from its start.

The program acknowledged with a warm welcome, and serious opposition. Finally, in governing order, which directed both factors to validate the service, at its best standard? The corporation increased its number of participants, and volunteers to join the organization, for service which creates the fund to rise automatically.

The size of the corps increases, and maintains the strength to overcome the opposing factors nationwide, in order to resist terrorists and other threats.

The economic brand stimulated, according to the nation needs; the current president Barrack Obama endowed the qualities of the Peace Corps, to reach its necessary goal. The director plays an important role, in governing corps, from its development to sustain its goal, all over the world, and the recruitment process undergone in its way, to gather many volunteers.

The current strategy of Peace Corps processed, in about 68 countries, and the response found to become effective. A certain number of federal laws have been in process, under the agency to maintain a peace, and order in the country.

A number of social awareness programs manipulated for the proper development, and progress of a country. This corporation still processed in an effective way, to sustain peace and to develop the social environment.