What Is the Pouch of Douglas

Features of pouch of Douglas The lowest area in the peritoneal cavity of women is known as the pouch of Douglas. This is actually a small little extension that protrudes and lies in between the rectum and uterus. Dr. James Douglas is an 18th century Scottish physician who was very much interested in exploring the anatomy of human body. And his concentration was especially centered on this part of women’s anatomy. Therefore this part was named after this doctor because of his dedicated contributions in the medicinal field. His name was used for various features of the anatomy since his theories are the basic for understanding the complete human anatomy.

Significant functions of pouch of Douglas Pouch of Douglas is called by other names also such as the “cul de sac” and “rectouterine pouch”. The structure of the pouch of Douglas is narrow and long, closed at the bottom and is opened wide at the topmost layer. Since they are situated at the bottom of peritoneal cavity it offers the services to drain all the fluids present in the cavity. Following are the results and symptoms of the pouch of Douglas:-

  • It leads to complicated medical problems
  • Malignant growths might spread to the pouch of Douglas
  • Women might experience discomfort when the pouch of Douglas was filled with pus, fluid and various other materials.

Diagnosing pouch of Douglas The pouch of Douglas can become the spot where all kinds of materials inside the peritoneal cavity. This is the reason for the doctors recommending the examinations of the peritoneal cavity for women who are suffering from some disorders in that particular area. The examinations and detections will reveal the secret if the pouch of Douglas has been infected already. In case it is affected this will make it possible to understand the complications that might arise if left untreated. These kinds of infections will cause more problem when it penetrates the wall covering the uterine.

Treatment for the pouch of Douglas The peritoneal cavity that has been affected with infections of the kidney is bathed on regular basis with a dialsate solution as treatment and this procedure is known as the peritoneal dialysis and this is the treatment used sometimes for treating failure of the kidney. The solution is poured through the pouch of Douglas for curing the kidney. The catheter is placed in to the structure and therefore it is used as the semi-permanent port for introducing the dialysate fluid that will allow the fluid to drain. The interior of the pouch of Douglas can be examined for medically diagnosing any signs of abnormalities or any fluid drainage with the use of culdoscopy which is an endoscope that can be inserted through the vagina in to the pouch of Douglas. The structure inside the pouch of Douglas can be visually diagnosed with the use of MRI scanning in case the physician’s suspects that the women might be affected adhesions, endometriosis or other abnormalities.