What is the Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl is an all-star game of the National Football League (NFL). An all-star game refers to a game played by the best players in the league who were selected, in case of professional sports like American football, by the votes of fans of the said sport. Currently the players of Pro Bowl are voted by the coaches, the fans and also by the players themselves. The players selected for Pro Bowl is considered the elite group of the sport and, to be a Pro Bowler is a special mark of honor. Pro- bowl unlike the other all-star games were played at the end of the National Football league season. The first game of Pro bowl was played in the year 1939 which included three Hollywood star players and also the American football team known as “Los Angeles Bulldogs” along with the all-star players of 1938.

Played for four consecutive years till 1942, the sport was then suspended due to the World War ll which revived again in 1951 almost after a decade. Further till the year 1979 the sport was played every year at various venues and landed in Hawaii for the 1980 Pro Bowl which continued its trend with the same venue for 30 long years till 2009. The 2010 Pro Bowl was played in a suburb of Miami in Sun Life stadium whereas 2011 Pro Bowl was played again in Hawaii.

The All-star game of National Football league was officially called Pro Bowl in the year 1970 when the merger took place between the American Football league (AFL) and National Football league (NFL). Since then the game is popularly known as “AFC-NFC Pro Bowl” after which the coaches of the teams that had lost in the AFC-NFC championship games were selected as the head coaches for the two respective Pro Bowl teams.

The reward of the game was presented as “Most Valuable Player” which was first given in the year 1951 after the sport was revived back. Later between 1957- 1971, there were two rewards in the form of best offensive back and the best defensive lineman. However since 1973, sport recognizes only one person to give away the award for the “Most Valuable Player”

The pro bowl for the year 2012 is also proposed to take place In Hawaii on the Aloha stadium on January 29, 2012. This game is going to be televised by NBC nationally, which is believed to be the final pro bowl on this channel, further which is supposedly be taken over by ESPN, whose broadcasting new deal will begin in 2014.

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