What is the Procedure of Setting Up SSL-Secure Socket Layer

There are a number of steps you need to follow to configure and activate SSI, but once set up, only SSL-enabled clients will be able to access directories that are secured with SSL. One of those steps involves contacting a certification authority to obtain a certificate for your security system (so you cant’t expect to complete these steps in a few minutes). Here is a lists of the most important things you need to do to enable SSL.

Generate a key pair file and a request file. The key pair includes a public and a private key, as discussed.Contact a certification authority and request a certificate for your security keys.Install the certificate you obtained from the certification authority on your server.Start Internet Service Manager and activate SSL security for user authentication.Activate SSL for directories that require security, or activate in on the root of your Web home directory, which is usually WWWROOT.

Clients can only communicate with SSL-enabled directories on the Web server by using https://instead or http:// in the URLs they specify. Please refer…..

Generate a Key Pair

Apply for the Certificate

Certify Your Server

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