What is the Ryder Cup  

This competition will be once in every two years and is administered by the PGA of America and PGA European tour.  Though the venue will alter, the teams will alike.  The trophy is known as Ryder cup.  Samuel Ryder is the person who took initiation of conducting these golf competitions and hence the cup was named after his name.  Equivalent trophy of this Ryder cup is Presidents cup and they both have equal value in the field of golf competitions.

Millions of dollars are brought in to TV and sponsorship revenue will also be high at these competitions.  The most exciting thing of all is that there is no winning amount for this competition.  But teams strive hard for winning in it.  The first golf competition was held in the year 1927 at the Worcester, Massachusetts.   US used to dominant the teams after the Second World War.  But early matches are even.  Then a decision was made to include the British and Irish in the group of Europe in 1979.  Thus new change of success entered in to the history.

From the year 1979, success was on the behalf of Spanish golfers who are Seve Ballesterros and Antonio Garrido.  Team Europe was strengthened however and included the players from many more countries like Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy.  From then enjoyment of the audience is at the peak as there exists tough competition between the teams.  Many competitive matches held and Europe continuously won eight successive Ryder cups  and tie occurred only once.

Most of the time, the venues will be either at United States or at Europe.  But during some years like 1997 competition was held at Spain, in the year 2006 competition held at Ireland.  Almost all European tournaments now shifted from Europe to UK.  Currently the competition includes eight foursomes’ matches, eight fourball matches and 12 single matches.  Winners every time score points to their teams.  Foursomes are the matches held between two teams with two golfers of either side.  The golfers take the shots alternatively throughout the match with the same ball.  Likewise singles match is a standard match play between the two golfers.

From three days, that means from Friday to Sunday the competition will be held. Totally 28 matches shall be played.  Particularly on Friday, four matches of fourballs are to be conducted.  Saturday also same schedule repeats and on Sunday 12 single matches will be played by the team members.  The captain selects the players for different matches.  But during the year 2010, pattern was changed significantly.  Weather changed the total schedule and sudden drop was announced at some intervals in these three day s matches.

The rules also changed considerably for the forthcoming competition in the year 2012.  The European points list has precedence on the world points list.  The captain reduces the points from 3 to 2.  The team will consist of five leading players who play excellently and strive hard to achieve the Ryder cup.  Two captains are selected and five players who are not qualified in the world points list.  USA team will have eight leading players with four captains in them.   Thus, winning is the sole aim of this competitions and no expectation of cash benefits to the players is the significance.

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