What Is the Skeletal System

All the bones of the human body inclusive of the tissues like the cartilage connectors, is referred to be the skeletal system. When you call it as tissues, here it essentially denotes the tendons as well as the ligaments along with the cartilage that bind all the different bones of the body. Even the teeth in the humans are considered to be part of the skeletal system; still they cannot be referred as the bones. The make of the teeth is entirely different. They are actually made out of the enamel and the dentin. One could refer the enamel to be the strongest substance that one could find in a human body.

Support for the human body is extended basically by this skeletal system. Pure flesh cannot be useful and serve the purpose if you could imagine. If there is not any skeleton at all the human body will simply just collapse into a small heap of flesh. In spite of being so strong the skeleton is actually lighter too.

Some parts of the human body are fragile tissues and many of those internal organs are very softer, all these are protected by means of the skeleton. Consider for example your eyes. You can imagine the nature of eyes and what could be it if there is not a special space available for it in the cranium. Cranium is the skull which comprises the space for eyes, brain, and mouth and so on. Similarly, consider the heart as well as the lungs too. The entire rib cage protects the lungs and the heart to not to be affected badly by the external influences.

.The vertebrate column protects the spinal cord. The vertebrae include the spine and the backbones collectively. The fundamental structure for the muscles is provided by these bones in the human system. It is why there is movement possible for the humans. The muscles are attached to these bones of the skeletal system by means of the tendons. They will be something similar to strong inelastic bands.

If you watch keenly, it would be a surprise to note that the adult human body has lesser bones while compared to a baby. There is about three hundred bones altogether while being an infant. As you grow up, these smaller bones would tend to join to make it altogether a complete strong skeletal system of about 206 bones in the final adult stage. Bones are not lifeless as a matter of fact. They are alive. If the bones are dead and older, then they tend to go dry as well as brittle. While staying inside the body these bones are pretty alive. Blood vessels and nerves pertaining to the bones are there which are meant to do specific functions. In fact, the body minerals such as the calcium are stored out here. The living cells in these bones actually are capable of repairing themselves.

The outer layer of these bones is actually made up of a hard layer which is the toughest part and you have the inner layers that are softer and spongy though. Right in the middle of the bones in the core region, you could find the bone marrow, which is a jelly like substance. It is at this place, the newer cells are produced incessantly. Low fat milk that has high calcium strengthens the bones which are essential for the protection of the whole body.