What is the Subway Series

Subway series is the league of the baseball matches played by the teams of New York native. The game got the name from an interesting story that the subway happened to be the major transport facility in the city in those, by utilizing which one can reach the city where the games had been playing by the teams. In general, it is the term, which has been in use from a long run since the term represents all packages of play involving the teams from New York City. It had come to existence for the first time in 1883 and it consisted of two traditional teams. However, later on, it had undergone many changes, which altered its faces and provided entirely different look by encompassing the two new teams.

Prior to the authorization in 1957, the game had played between the New York giants and Brooklyn Dodgers, the traditional teams that has been in the game since its origin. In addition, the team New York Yankees remained connected with the game still now from its origin with supplementary of ability for bagging the most of the title of series for their team. Until then, it did not called by its name “Subway series”. Besides so-called subway series, they play against each other in exhibition series too. After that, the great team New York Mets has replaced the position of the traditional teams by its performance and extraordinary skills in the baseball and has earned the name subway series for the league. Nevertheless, after some time, at the end of the 20th century the term has commonly applied to all the games that were being playing between the teams of the New York origin.

The scholars specify New York City as the “Capital of the Baseball” since it houses the important grounds of playing baseball series like Yankee stadium, City field and the Shea stadium. As apt to its name, nowadays too, they are playing in the points that have linked with each other by the subway stations of the city. The Shea stadium found to be more unlucky for the guest team as it gave the chance for winning the title for the guest team only once in its history. Since now they are many matches have been played between the current legends of the Baseball such as Yankees and the Mets. The last most memorable was played in July month of 2011 which still stuck the hearts of million in the city. The next season of the series has announced on 2012 as a MLB season.

Be ready to enjoy the super series of the next season as soon it is going to fall soon for the current season.