What Is the Tourism Industry

In every country, tourism industry will be a separate department. The ministry of tourism is one of the branches of government. The main motto of this ministry is to promote and improve the tourism locations of the country. Foreign exchange can be earned in abundant with the expansion of this industry. The growth of this tourism industry will be in accordance to changing economic conditions. Advanced countries which are good enough will spend amount for travel and enjoyment.

When the country’s economic condition is not good and the people were in search of jobs, there exists limitation of their enjoyment. Their spending power will have limitation. People also will search at their low budget and will visit according to their monetary capacity. As it earns foreign exchange to the country, every country should focus on tourism industry and its growth.

There are many policies which are kept in force for the improvement of this tourism industry. But many hurdles and obstacles stop the growth of tourism. The policies of Ministry of tourism to enhance the facilities to the tourists attract more number in future. Working on eco-tourism projects will also give best results. Every effort to increase the standards of tourism industry marks its prominence. The programs of tourism improvement include promotion of various site seeing tourism places through promotional activities. Employing marketing personnel who have enough experience shall be trained about the tourism. They must be released to the market and shall promote the places by keeping boards etc., Infrastructure at the tourism locations shall be improved to the best.

First planning should be done to improve the locations and various tourism centers. After that, enough financial aid helps to improve the infrastructural facilities. Some funds should be left for their maintenance. There are many things depended on this tourism industry. Some other industries also depended upon this tourism industry. Hotel and restaurant industry, lodging services, beverage industry, Real estates, finance, insurance and leasing are the industries which are dependants on tourism industry. Retail marketing can also be developed at the surroundings of tourism places.

The service of travel and tourism industry is great and immense. It is one of the main foreign exchange earners contributing great portion to economic development. It also facilitates the employment to many people directly and indirectly through linking with many sectors. Millions of people enjoy the fruits of tourism industry. Thus every country’s government should take care of the development of this industry.

Though, the government is taking necessary steps and considerable measures for the promotion of tourism, still the development are stagnant. Various reasons influence the tourism industry are related to economy. Government should take care of speedy implementation of tourism projects with all the latest equipments and development of integrated tourism circuits which means relating many places to tourism. Special capacity buildings and hospitals at tourism places should be developed. New marketing strategies shall be adopted for attracting many people to these places. As the thinking of people’s mind changed, development of tourism industry in India is on a great boom in all the countries.