What is There to do in Las Vegas, Besides Gamble

Las Vegas is an excellent entertainment hub.  Albeit the place is famous for gambling since 1931, yet it is a hot bed for partying and tourism.  The most attracting feature of this place is that the climate of this city is warm in all seasons, and henceforth it draws a lot of tourist from America and other colder places.  If you are not interested in gambling, that does not mean that the doors of the city are closed for you, there many exciting things to do and see at Vegas for you even if gambling doesn’t excite you much.

One of the most exciting places at Las Vegas is that of Bellagio fountains.  This is a beautiful and spectacular tourist spot; moreover, you can watch the same in free of cost.  You would able find them out in front of major casino’s.

At Las Vegas, you do not have to pay much for the entertainment.  If you are interested in watching something very light and humorous, you can prefer to ‘pirate battle at treasure island’.  This is an amazing traditional pirate show, which is a full package of entertainment and comedy.  Earlier these shows were family oriented but today they come with lot of pulp, with lesser-clad sirens, several outfits, and pirates who are dressed in exotic outfits.  Moreover, they are choreographed with dancing and with a lot of loud and pumping music. 

At Las Vegas, it is very interesting to get your skin tanned.  If you love to play golf and just want to have fun, you can spend your entire day under sunlight.  The place has almost many places where you can simply hit a hole.  Many of us are passionate about shopping.  If you fall in the same list, Las Vegas would be a great place for you. Shopaholics would have a great fun and lifetime experience at Las Vegas.  Here you would get great discounts on many of the branded products.  Just remember some of the shopping tricks and you can become a smart shopper and buy the cheapest product.  The great shops like miracle mile shops would leave you with an amazing experience of shopping.

The animal park at mirage is a great experience for the tourist in all over the world.  You can take a stroll at anytime; the zoo has some of fascinating species, and rare exotic animals, including the albino tiger.  Therefore, if you enjoy visiting zoos, and museums, well Las Vegas would satisfy your quench.

Las Vegas is jackpot of fun.  To add, you have to pay the least for the pleasure and excitement.  The city welcomes the people of all age group.  To people of adult age or teenagers, the city offers you to visit, cirque du Soleil.  If you are planning to stay here for almost five hours then, you can experience various exciting stunts and jumps that are performed by the Olympic gymnasts, and enjoy the pleasure at par.  You would also view some of the death defying acts and glittering costumes that would keep you spell bound and amazed.

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