What is Time Management

In order to increase the output of an enterprise or organization time management has paramount importance. To increase the productivity there is a need of exercising cognizant control over the amount of time spent on particular activities. There are different skills, tools and techniques to manage the time so that we can reach our decisive goal.

The requirement of managing the time is not only restricted to business person but it also has its significance for students, teachers, factory workers, professionals and even home makers. There are different books, articles, classes, seminars on time management but their main center of attention is towards business leaders and corporations.

The technique of time management includes planning, allocating, setting goals, delegations, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling and prioritizing. Planning is a psychological activity in which we think about the activities that are mandatory to achieve desired goal. Allocation refers to presence or providing these resources that will help in making a plan successful. These resources can be plant, machinery, technical know-how, availability of skilled workforce. Setting goals is an effective tool for making progress because it will ensure the participants of a business that what is expected from them if an objective is to be achieved.

In time management we have to write each and every activity like how much time was taken to shower, dress, attend meetings, making phone calls, clean the house, cook dinner and even in eating meals. When every activity is written down then we can eliminate those which are not indispensable and thus saving our time from unnecessary activities. Moreover, we will come to know that which activities and tasks are most important and we can make our calendar or daily planner which fill assist in concentrating those activities.

Time management is most fundamental for the person who owns his or her business or who runs a business out of home. Time management will teach discipline and punctuality and it will help in organizing our life. Once a person will realize that what are the priorities of his or her life then he or she will manage the time to make his life organized and to incorporate the necessary changes in life.

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