What is TMJ

TMJ is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Temporomandibular joint is the joint which connects jawbone to the skull. Each and every person has this joint on the both sides of the head. You need these joints for the proper functioning of the face. You cannot eat, drink, smile and frown if these joints are not functioning properly. TMJ is a disorder that causes a hindrance in the proper functioning of these joints. This disorder can affect both of the joints or one joint too. TMJ can cause severe ear pain that does not go easily. It can also cause horrible jaw pain and stiff jaw. The patient will find it difficult to eat, smile, opening and shutting the mouth. It can cause constant headache to the patient. It will cause too many complications for the patient. The pain is too horrible to bear. It can also cause neck pain and shoulder pain. The person will hear popping and clicking sounds while opening and shutting the mouth. Symptoms can vary from one person to another. There can be many more signs too but these sign are most commonly seen in such patients. TMJ disorder can be caused due to overuse of the jaw muscles, injury, mistakes during a dental session, mental stress or depression etc. If the person clinches his teeth with pressure then it can also cause temporomandibular joint disorder. Rheumatoid arthritis can also cause this disorder. If you feel such discomfort, then you should seek medical advice to get it cured as it is not easy to bear the pain caused by this disorder. TMJ can have many side effects too like sleeping disorders, earaches, migraines, irritation, hearing loss etc. For these reasons, it is important to visit the doctor and get the right treatment at the right time so that this disorder does not cause any other damage to the patient, which would then not be easy to cure and it might be irreversible like hearing loss. TMJ can be treated with the help of variety of different treatment methods depending on the severity of the disorder. Sometimes, the problem is not very serious and the pain is mild. The patients do not need any treatment and it gets fine with time. But the people who need treatment, doctor can use the method of Bite guard, psychotherapy, medications, Dental treatments and surgery.

  • Bite guard is a safeguard that is worn at night to prevent the people from grinding or clinching the teeth.
  • Psychotherapy is used when the patient has some type of mental stress and that is the reason behind this disorder.
  • Medications can be prescribed to the patient who have horrible and sharp pain so that they get some relief from that pain.
  • Dental treatments are given to the patients to correct some dental problems if they are causing TMJ.
  • The last but not the least is surgery which is used when the problem is very severe and no other treatment is effective.