What is Toll

Toll is a form of tax, most commonly charged on the people for enjoying special privileges like Highways, bridges, roads and some of the phone lines too and the money collected from these tolls spent on the road maintenance or to fund various transportation projects of the region like local bus services. There are many toll roads all over the world and it is collected as per use tax on specific roads, so basically it is tax charged from the people for the privilege given to them to enjoy benefits of those roads. While in other region toll is collected by all people, in some measure, fund existence of all roads and transportation. However, these taxes may seem complex at instance, but at the end they are looked upon as good deed by most of the people as they are used for road maintenance and upkeep the road that is commonly used by many and its maintenance is their responsibility of people who use them. Even the non-tolled roads are financed by other sources from common public like fuel tax and general tax funds. Further, it is charged on the telephone calls too, in this case toll is charged on the phone line and collected from people who make use of it. These calls are commonly called “toll calls”.

Depending on the roads, some tolling booths are constructed on either side of the toll way where passers have to pay twice at entrance and exit. On some roads, there are more than one ways to pay them off. Some people who daily passes by that toll road buy stickers and money is automatically deducted from their accounts for each visit. This saves a lot of time and for the people going through those roads frequently. There ways and methods differ as well on collection those tolls, On toll roads where there are booths on either side, passers have to pay it twice, but on some roads they have to pay just once at the entrance. Skillful navigation is required if they want to escape multiple tolls but by these method they may spend too much in fuel and time and situation remains the same.

Some people consider toll roads an incompetent approach to provide public highways. They only promote corruption and no care taken for improvements on other highway systems and roads. Some people consider that decisions are only dominated and implemented on the private sector by state only and common people have no control on the road management and its pricing decisions as various roads charge people with different tolls depending on the road maintenance and how congested it is.