What is Tooth Powder

Tooth powders are in medical term known as dentifricers that are applied for cleaning and tooth surfaces. In common words, tooth powders are quite rough substance applied on the tooth brush to retain routine oral hygiene. Significant functions of teeth are chewing, to give sound support with the help of jaw bones to facial appearance and to guard foreign bodies entering our body with the help of lips.

Several people choose toothpaste, but then it is nothing but a hydrated version of tooth powder in a tubular container. However, irrespective of your mother earth one can prepare such tooth powders from frequently used home ingredients. The idea of people in saving some petty cash and both tooth powders and pastes serve the same pupose of cleaning and giving shine to teeth, people prefer comparatively economical tooth powders. And our fore fathers have never trusted tooth pastes in the past in emotional concern or habitual, elders are still attached to apply tooth powders.

Sea salt with baking soda is used as best and easily accessible tooth powder since years. Mix salt, baking soda and one tea spoon lime juice, dab the tooth brush in this mixture and eventually start massaging. Definitely one can witness the benefits of using such homemade tooth powders. Naturally available herbs heal gums and teeth are universally accepted. Consumption of Vitamin C keeps gums healthy and persuades against periodontal disease. However, I would like to mention a short list of herbs with their influence over oral hygiene:

Myrrh gum: is a small thorny tree, found in Yemen, Somalia and eastern Ethiopia. It has the ability to fight germs results in no infections and keeps gums strong.

White Oak Bark: Pretty common tree found in eastern regions of North America, starting from Canada till Southern states via Florida. Exceptionally cures swollen tissues and fights gum infections.

Tea Tree Oil: Originated from Australia’s northeast coast is natural antifungal, antiviral, anti-infection oil. Successfully cures tooth bleeding. It fights bad breath. A combined massage of tree oil and baking soda keeps oral health in good shape.

Calendula: Is inhabited in the areas of Macaronesia, east Mediterranean regions and continues till Iran. Possesses antiseptic properties and hence diminish bacterial infections.

Tooth powder can be more exhilarating when food grade oils are added such as mint and tree oil can give your mouth a breeze of healthy and clean breath. Cinnamon battles against microbes and promotes a warm sensation. Tooth powders can be stored in any containers in bathrooms and a usage of a scoop can only help to store tooth powder fresh without water entry. Significant comparison studies have proved ancient method of tooth powders are most efficient to remove plague than tooth pastes.