What Is Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership can best be described as a method involving motivational management by a leader whose leadership style encourages the followers in more ways than one. People following his footsteps and abiding by his guidelines are found to develop increased morale, motivation and performance. This is often not achieved easily and involves many mechanisms and great effort from the leader. It is said to occur where visionary position is taken by the leader and he becomes an inspiration for his followers.

Positive vicissitude is observed in people who follow their energetic leader. The leader has such qualities imbibed in him that motivates his followers to develop an optimistic attitude which reflects in their performance. Under the guidance of the inspirational leaders, followers gain great encouragement which persuades them to produce greater performances. Such leaders are widely in demand and although they develop these leadership qualities over the time, there are some who are blessed with these qualities by birth. They polish these inherent qualities further in order to become proficient in this field.

These inspirational leaders are much sought after for broadening and elevating the interest level of the employees in a firm. Their extraordinary influence helps them to command even the most compelling cause and thereby decrease the complexity of the situation. An organization often hires such inspirational leaders to bring in a transformation in the quality of work produced by their employees.

An organization which is found to be going through a bad or rough phase due to the inefficiency of their employees needs their help. This holds a prominent position in their strategy acquired for reformation in management. Exceptional results are delivered after an interaction with these inspirational leaders and the organizations witness a marked improvement in their net revenue.

To bring in a change is not everybody’s cup of tea and transformational leadership is one of the most essential ingredients to make this change happen in a positive way. These people have certain qualities that help them become the role model of their followers. They also enable the followers to gauge and identify their weaknesses and strengths. This helps in the proper alignment of tasks by their leaders which can bring their performance to an optimum scale.

The personality, traits and ability of the leader makes a profound impact on the followers and helps to bring a positive vicissitude among the followers. These inspirational leaders often work in favor and benefit of the organizations, team as well as community and have been able to bring in commendable changes.

 They also have the potential of bringing a change in the organizational culture which usually transactional leaders do not pay heed to. Transformational leadership can also be described as a symbiotic process in which followers and leaders assist each other in advancing to an elevated level of motivation and morale.