What is Trauma Dressing

Trauma dressing is a bandage that is used to swathe the wounds so that they don’t get infected because of any foreign objects like dirt. If there is uninterrupted bleeding from the wound then it can be clogged through this dressing. Trauma dressing is also used in a disease named pneumothorax which is very atrocious for our life. In this disease outside or atmospheric air gets accumulated in our chest cavity. There is a very flimsy balance of pressure in our chest cavity if it is distressed by the entrance of outside air, then our lungs can collapse.

In emergency situations the medical staff usually uses a special type of trauma dressing which is called occlusive dressing. This dressing is used for the patients that are suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest, deep laceration in which there is wound in our skin when it is torn by sharp object. In major laceration a person may be able to see bone, tendons, or other non-skin tissues through the laceration. These special types of bandages are made from thick plastic or from petrolatum gauze. If occlusive dressing is not available then one can use aluminum foil to seal the wound.

If there is problem in our chest cavity due to atmospheric air then occlusive dressing can be used as a valve bandage which will control the flow of air, fluids in our fluids in our body. When a patient exhales then outside air which is already present in chest get fugitive through this valve and it prevents the re-entry of atmospheric air in chest during inhalation.

The pressure in our veins is less than atmospheric pressure. Air flows from higher pressure to lower pressure so there is risk of entrance of air into our veins through which it can enter into our heart and can cause cardiac problems. So, in that case trauma dressing can be used.

Trauma pads are like commonly used bandages but these should be sterile for applying immediate direct pressure. Another type of dressing is pressure dressing which is use to heal the wounds that are not very large and deep.

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