What is Trauma Therapy

Trauma refers to an injury to the body that is caused by any accident, natural disasters, witnessing a violent event, car accident, suicide, rape, and the loss of major relationship. These traumatic events can alter our normal routine and affect us mentally and physically.

People that are suffering from trauma can’t prevail over their feelings like they may avoid going to the place where the trauma occurred. So therapist is required to give them advice so that they can have power over their emotions.

While looking for trauma therapy the most commonly used term is counselor. Counselor can be licensed clinical social worker; he can be a psychologist or even a psychiatrist which is accountable for conducting therapy sessions.

Some counselors are experienced in EMDR which stands for Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing. The main goal of EMDR is to help the patient in forgetting past and present negative experiences. Different methods are used for helping patients to recover from negative thinking as a result of trauma.

Another experience is in somatic which is a system designed by Dr. Peter Levine, in which attentiveness of body at different levels help in recovering from trauma state.

Other trauma therapy methods are:-

Behavioral Therapy:- Some people build a pessimistic thinking about a particular situation. In this therapy this negativity is converted into positive attitude. It helps in elimination of anxiety, depression, and phobias. Hypnosis:- in hypnosis a person is prohibited to do such a thing he don’t want to do. In this mind of a person is not proscribed but deep relaxation and inner focus is recommended.

In trauma therapy there are 3 stages:-

The goal of first stage is to find out that how trauma has changed the emotions and behavior of a person. Then emotions that have negative impact or causes stress are eliminated. Then different methods like CBT, EMDR are used to deal with the actual trauma. Once the person is relaxed and has overcome his negative emotions then he again start working and start coming back to his initial life.

The trauma therapy is hardest to apply on children that are suffering from trauma.

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