What is Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease, which is commonly known as vaginitis. This disease is caused by single celled protozoa. These protozoa behave as a parasite and they are known as Trichomonas vaginalis. They infect vagina as well as the urethra in women, and hence they can get transferred to a man in case of an intercourse. This disease can be diagnosed using a microscope and sample.

There are various different types of symptoms, which are related with the disease some of the common symptoms witnessed in most females are as follows,

  • Inflammation of cervix
  • Inflammation of vagina
  • Inflammation of urethra
  • Burning or itching sensation in urethra or vagina
  • Vaginal discharge of yellow or green color with bad odor
  • Male may show signs of burning sensation in penis after ejaculation or urination

These parasites may exist in male without showing any signs of discomfort to the male for years, but they get activated in women and hence they show signs of the disease after 5 to 28 day of initial contact. Thus it becomes really very important that you treat the disease as soon as you feel that you are infected with Trichomonas vaginalis. Most men will naturally expel this particular parasite in under 14 day of contacting it. But Trichomonas vaginalis remain active in the women unless they are treated for it.

There are lots of risks, if you leave Trichomoniasis untreated, as it can spread in unhygienic condition, plus you are always increasing the risk of contacting HIV, cervical cancer and prostrate cancer in males. This disease can also increase your chances of contacting other STD’s. There are many different types of disease, which are associated with Trichomoniasis if it is left untreated, hence you should never take this disease lightly and think that it will go off with the time.

The symptoms of Trichomoniasis are quite prominent in women and hence if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptom for few days. Immediately get a pelvic examination done in order to find out if you really are infected with Trichomonas vaginalis or not. There are many websites, which you can refer in order to know more about this disease and hence you can refer to the,m if you require more information about this disease and how it should be treated. The treatment of Trichomoniasis is done by using Flagyl or metronidazole in both pregnant as well as non pregnant patients. Both male and female partners are concurrently treated for the infection, so that they don’t get re-infected by Trichomoniasis. Thus, take precaution at all times and remain protected from Trichomoniasis.