What Is Truvia

Having sweet tooth can lead to many health problems. however, we cannot avoid it completekly but can reduce the amount of intake. The use of sugar in food and beverages is said to cause many health issues. Higher consumption can eventually lead to many problems.  This is the reason why many different alternatives to sugar are available these days. These alternatives claim to reduce the amount if harmful constituents of sugar and claim to be good for health in comparison to sugar.

Truvia is one such alternative to sugar. It is derived from some purified parts of the plant known as stevia. Cargill, the agriculture giant, and coca cola have developed it. It was launched in the year 2008. Cargill is marketing it currently. It is claimed to be a natural sweetener because of its source. In addition, it is also known as a non nutritive sweetener. It is claimed that those living in South America are using it as a sweetener since a very long time. It is also said to be common as a sweetener in Japan.

People are using it as a table top sweetener. It is available in packets and one can simply add it to beverages or food. It is also a constituent of food items. Many different items like VitaminWater Zero, VitaminWater 10, Blue sky Free, some of the Odwalla juices, Sprite Green and many other products. It is considered to be a safe alternative to sugar as per the results given by FDA. It is considered safe because of the natural ingredients. It says that the harmful and suspected components of Truvia are removed during the refining process.

The constituents of Truvia are erythritol, rebiana in addition to the other natural flavors. Rebiana or rebaudiose A is the major sweetening agent in Truvia. It is a steviolglycoside and it provides 200 times more sweetening effect in comparison to sugar. Sugar alcohol forms the other constituent which is erythritol. It is a natural part of different fruits and food items. It contains very less calories and provides similar sweetening effect as normal sugar. It has many benefits like it does not affect the blood sugar levels, the body absorbs it partially. In addition, teeth are also safe against decay when you use it as a sweetener. A French company known as Cerestar developed it and Cargill later purchased the company.

It is considered to be a safe sweetener. The constituents of Truvia make it a zero calorie sweetener. Thus it provides many health benefits over sugar. This makes it a very popular substitute for sugar. It is one of the best selling sweeteners available in the market.