What is Twitter

Socializing today has a new definition in the form of social networking sites like orkut, facebook and twitter. Twitter is a social networking and microblogging sites which allows its user to send messages in short of almost 140 characters and they are called as tweets. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and was released in the month of May the same year. Since then it has gained worldwide popularity with more than 300 billion users, and handle almost 300 billion tweets and 1.6 billion search queries every day. The twitter gave a great relief to long e mails and instant messages and has been rightly nick named as “the SMS of the internet”. Twitter inc. is situated in San Francisco and its additional servers and offices are in the New York City.

Tweeter allows you to share information with people whom you would not in day to day life will e mail or instant message and thus you can expand you circle of like-minded people. Thus, twitter allows informal collaboration and quick sharing of information among your followers and friends saving your time in writing email or messaging each and every friend. You can post your status or what you want to share with your followers by putting a message on the twitter which gets displayed on your profile page as well as on that of all your followers as well as on Twitter public timeline until unless you have disabled it by customizing your account settings.

Users of Twitter can use the website to tweet or can use many other compatible applications like smartphones or through SMS, which is allowed in some countries. Though this is free of cost for SMS through phone it may be chargeable as per the service providers plan and fee. Twitter allows its users to subscribe to the tweets of others which is also called as following and the one who subscribes is called the follower. The users have the liberty to unfollow if they want to and also they can check people who have unfollowed them using many services available. Twitter also allows its user to update their profile. The function of the twitter works on the principle of followers. Once you subscribe to the tweets of a person you become his follower and his tweets appear in reverse chronological order on your main twitter page. So, if you subscribe to ‘n’ number of people all there tweets will appear as a mix of tweets, along with their post of exciting links, music etc. Twitter has also launched a verification program which allows certain public figures to verify their accounts so that it can be distinguished from fake profiles. The verified account has a white check on blue background.