What is Typhoid Fever

This short note is about the typhoid Fever, causes, symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. Typhoid is a type of fever known as potential fatal sickness caused by a bacteria infection. Most of the cases are noticed because of unhygienic food intake and poor cleanliness areas.

Causes of Typhoid Fever:
Mainly, this fever is caused due to bacteria species identified as Salmonella Enterica. The mentioned bacteria are transmitted into the sufferer through tainted water. Water is the major cause of typhoid disease like if the water is contaminated with wastes from contaminated person, and it is consumed by other people, then the person will easily get affected with the typhoid bacteria.

As the bacteria enter in the body, it penetrates the intestinal walls of the body and damages the white cells known as phagocytosed. From this part, the bacteria start spreading and affect the liver and bone. Its increasing amount causes the fever known as Typhoid. 

Among all few people get serious conditions in this fever but most of them didn’t get critically ill. Those people who get a mild fever can get it checked in early stage so that the typhoid can be cured easily. However, people overlook the fever which becomes big trouble later because the bacteria get to multiply and affects the liver, gall bladder and canals.

The symptoms of Typhoid fever:
Some of general indications of this disease are slow fever turns into a high, very high fever goes to 104 °F, flat rash or spots of red color, bad appetite, continue headache, tiredness and diarrhea.

However, it can take three weeks to cure the disease properly so those who get affected with typhoid should continue the medicine for at least three weeks. As per expert’s prescription, patient will get fever, headache and cough in first week. Some patients might get nose bleeding and abdominal pain as well. The second week will cause the fever reaching to 104 °F. The low heartbeat rate and dicrotic pulse can be noticed in this week. In this stage, a patient might get the diarrhea and constipation problem frequently.

In third week the condition can become critical due to the risks of development of some complications like hemorrhage of intestinal, intestinal perforation and muttering delirium. If the proper medication is done the fever will gradually get reduced by the end this week.

Diagnosis/Analysis of typhoid:
The analysis of this fever is carried out by testing the blood samples. Stool test is also prescribed by the experts to check the existing Salmonella bacteria.

Treatment of typhoid fever:
This is the illness but less dangerous as the cure to this disease is available. However, immediate treatment can cure the disease in less time so it is advisable to a patient to get treated on time. 

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