What is Unemployment

Unemployment is the condition of those people who are willing to work but they do not get it because of many reasons. Hence, unemployment is the condition of not having a job, often referred to as being “out of work”, or unemployed. Any country economic wealth can be judged by unemployment rate. In October 2009, unemployment peaked at 10.1% — the highest rate since the early 1980s.

Sometimes people are not employed because of physical disability or they are not able to do full-time job. The main rationale behind unemployment is that technology is growing at fastest rate. On the other hand, traditionalism, ignorance and over population etc are some other major cause that led to the raise of unemployment. Earlier the activity that requires hours to complete now requires only minutes and seconds due to fast machines. No doubt, there was enormous increase in production rate but at the same time enormous decrease in employed person. Another reason behind it is sometimes the qualification of a person is high but the job offered is comparatively low in that case unemployment occurs.

In some developed countries like U.S. workers pay tax and insurance amount from their salary for their future security means that due to any reason like physical or mental disability they are not able to work in future the government will help them by providing food and other items of necessary for life. Candidates and advisors are also provided to these unemployed people who help them to find job.

There are many websites available on internet that helps to find the job of one’s own interest and skill. Some of these websites are monsterindia.com, jobs.com,timesjob.com etc. you simply need to submit your resume and good companies will consider it and help you to grab good opportunities.

Unemployment can also be reduced by temporary agencies. These agencies helps in hiring the candidates who don’t get satisfactory or permanent jobs. They can work in these agencies meanwhile they don’t get their type job. When unemployment is at peek low salary jobs are their but they are not profitable enough so they are avoided.

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