What is Universal Health Care

Universal Health care is one of the most comprehensive approaches to ensure that the citizens of a particular country are provided with the minimum level of medical comfort  to ensure their safety.

Universal Health care is a very important consideration for every country as it has a direct relation with its citizens. People often say that Health is Wealth and the same holds the truth in the present case. The term Universal Health Care is an approach taken by the Government towards its country’s citizens to ensure that people of the country can avail the medical assistance.

It not necessarily mean that each and every time a person has to be sick or suffering from any kind of infections or diseases in order to avail the medical assistance, rather the same shall be open to every citizen for the purpose of regular check up and treatment of hazards. The Universal Health Care is not necessarily a rule that is to be followed by each and every nation, rather it is a voluntary step taken by every nation to ensure that the citizens of the country are on the safer side. The first country to implement the same at a national level was Germany in the year 1880.

Basically as we all know, medication comes with a cost which includes fees of the doctors as well as cost of medicines, so in such context, there are three ways in which such cost can be handled. The prime most case is where the Government bears every cost of medication and health facility in a country and the same is mainly observed in poor countries where the economy is almost next to nil and the people are unable to meet their medical expenditures. The second form is where all the medication cost is attained by the people of the country and is moreover applicable to well developed countries such as US and UK. The last category is the shared category where both people and the Government bear the cost in certain ratio, so that the burden is not enforced on both of them heavily. This is mostly applicable to developing countries such as India.

Added to it, there may also be some exceptional cases where in spite of a particular trend of cost sharing, the Government may add additional measures so as to protect its people from fatal diseases such as AIDS. In such cases, the whole cost of awareness and education is attainted by the Government as it is a personal measure taken by the Government.

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