What is UNIX

In simple terms UNIX can be defined as an operating system. It has been around for years and has been named as one of the most versatile, powerful and most secure operating systems all over the world. There are many generations of UNIX in the market developed by different vendors having different unique graphical interfaces however there are certain features that make all UNIX common. All UNIX operating systems have a hierarchal file system caters for both absolute and relative file system which means that all files can be mounted locally or remotely from a file server.

UNIX operating system has a core kernel that manages all logical operations like input and output plus it allocates resources to users and system operations. There are two main types of UNIX operating system that is recognized widely. There is the OpenBSD and there is the FreeBSD. These are the best operating systems in the world considering the fact that they are available for free. As for the OpenBSD it is the most secure of the two however you will have to surrender other security features.

UNIX supports a wide variety of application languages including, C++, shell, C, PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl and JAVA. There are also a wide variety of databases that UNIX support the most common includes SQL and mySQL. If you are looking for the best database for your website then you need to evaluate the needs of your website first. Therefore it is very important to evaluate this before choosing any web hosting company.

Most people ask whether they should go for UNIX or the other operating systems. Well the question lies on the performance you want for your website along with some specific functions, programming language as well as the database. Most definitely UNIX is the preferred option for your hosting services since in comparison to windows it is cheaper, secure and more reliable. If you do a research most of the websites in the internet run on UNIX or Linux. Linux is an Open source type of UNIX operating system.

When choosing a hosting environment for your website make sure that programming languages to be used and the functioning of your website. PHP is a language that comes with UNIX and is primarily the best language so far for creating a website. UNIX hosting is a common type of webhosting platform in the market today due to the increasing demand of internet security. It is an open source code meaning that it is open to all users across the world.

The main disadvantage of the operating system is its technical usability since its quite complex plus in UNIX hosting the provider may only access his or her account via telnet or SSH. In conclusion UNIX should be your number one choice especially if you are dealing with PHP website.

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